Southern and East African Safaris With Craig Doria


Or maybe you do not know what is out there and need expert advice to design the perfect safari. Either way, you will not find anyone who will dedicate more attention to finding out what suits you best than us.

Craig Doria Safaris offers the ultimate in African safaris – each safari is individually designed with you to the finest detail, and expertly led by an exclusive team of like-minded planners and guides.

What makes these safaris outstanding is a combination of the most extraordinary destinations on the continent; the experience and passion which we bring to the task; and superior outfitting by the most respected names in African safaris. After three decades at the top end of the safari world, we are in a perfect position to create the finest most exclusive safaris available in Africa.

You may want to stay in lodges or you may want your own exclusive luxury tented camp erected close to the wildebeest migration on the Serengeti plains. The awe-inspiring humility of standing on the lip of the Victoria Falls; the timeless elegance of the Victoria Falls Hotel; the staggering wildlife of Northern Botswana; the stark beautiful deserts of Namibia or the famed beauty of Cape Town and its winelands.

Perhaps you’d like to spend some time with the chimpanzees on wild Lake Tanganyika or you might wish to sail in a refurbished schooner to the magical islands of Zanzibar where you will disappear into the ancient Swahili coastal cultures staying in the most stylish traditional homes.

Craig Doria Biography

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Craig was born in South Africa in 1962 and spent boarding school vacations in rural KwaZulu Natal in a hunting and outdoor environment. He schooled at Kearsney College in Natal and went on to complete a BA degree at the University of Natal.

After university, he worked as a student ranger for the Natal Parks Board and then on a game ranch. Craig then went back to University to obtain a Higher Diploma of Education followed by an Honours degree.

After some years working on Conservation Education Projects in Northern KwaZulu Natal, Craig moved to Zambia where he spent over ten years in Luangwa Valley. In Zambia, Craig worked as a professional guide and professional hunter under the guidance of the well-known conservationist Norman Carr and his son Adrian Carr. Later, he became a partner in the highly regarded company, Norman Carr Safaris.

During this time he was instrumental in setting up and running a successful anti-poaching unit that assisted the National Park authorities and was rewarded with Honorary Rangers status for his efforts. Craig was also an examiner on the Safari Guides Licensing program which started in the Luangwa Valley and due to its success was adopted for the whole country.

Craig moved to Tanzania in 2001 to work for one of the most prestigious safari companies in Africa, Ker and Downey Tanzania / Legendary Expeditions. This company included under its umbrella another highly regarded company Tanzania Game Tracker Safaris. During this time Craig continued to guide successful safaris to the highest standard.

He was also manager of The Friedkin Conservation Fund, a non-government organization associated with Ker and Downey and TGT. The fund makes use of income generated by both photographic and hunting safaris to outfit and operate anti-poaching teams in Game Reserves, and to work with the communities that surround these Game Reserves.

In addition to his general Natural History experience, Craig specializes in the study of snakes and has written two reference books on the subject. The second book has become the definitive guide to the snakes of Zambia. In Tanzania, he participated in collecting DNA samples of snakes for research taking place at Bangor and Oxford Universities. He has also authored several journal and magazine articles on education and conservation; hunting; and the outdoors.

Craig has, over the years, guided a number of specialist safaris including a film crew for Discovery Channel, a National Geographic team, a photographic modelling shoot, university alumni groups, zoo directors groups and a   wildlife artist. Craig has sat on the Executive Committee of the Tanzanian Professional Hunters Association and is a member of Professional Safari Guides East Africa, The Tanzanian Professional Hunters Association, African Professional Hunters Association and the Game Rangers Association of Africa.