Following the Dust, A Collection of Safari Tales

by Craig Texeira Doria

Craig Doria has been keeping journals and taking photographs as a guide, professional hunter and conservationist in Africa for thirty years. Born in Kwazulu Natal, South Africa in 1962, he studied at the University of Natal before moving to Zambia and then Tanzania. While hunting and guiding, he has also been an Honorary Ranger; an examiner on the Luangwa Safari Guides Licensing Program; a manager of a Conservation Fund; a board member of the Tanzania Professional Hunters Association; a member of the African Professional Hunters Association and the Game Rangers Association of Africa.

Craig specialises in the study of snakes and has written two reference books on the subject. He has also authored journal and magazine articles on education and conservation, hunting, and the outdoors.

The result of these years in the field is this unusual collection of stories on hunting, journeys to ‘where the wild things are’ and enchanting encounters with extraordinary characters and ‘wild wood drear’.

There are also discussions on man’s evolution as a hunter gatherer; the contradictory nature of man’s relationship with the wild and the modern relationship between hunting and conservation.

At the end it is a book which reminds us to fill our place on this earth with responsibility and humility.

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Snakes of Zambia

An Atlas and Field Guide

by Donald G. Broadley, Craig T. Doria, Jurgen Wigge

In “Snakes of Zambia” Donald G. Broadley, Craig T. Doria, and Jurgen Wigge have gathered their field experience in Zambia and the neighbouring countries. This Field Guide provides an introductory chapter on the Zambian zoogeography showing the variety of habitat types of the Zambian snake fauna.

A series of keys has been compiled to assist in the identification of all Zambian snakes, these are supported by figures showing diagnostic arrangements of head shields and more than 160 colour photos.

Natural history notes are included, as well as available data on captive care.

A comprehensive chapter on snake bite treatment compiles the available knowledge on envenomation and medical care in Zambia and other countries.

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