The Guides

There are a few guides with whom I have worked very successfully for many years. In some cases more than twenty years. There is no order of seniority amongst us. We have done many safaris together, lived in very close proximity to each other for long periods of time and know we get along well. I am representing these guides because I know them to be everything that I would want from a guide if I were coming on a safari in Africa.


Craig Doria, Private Independent Safari GuideCraig was born in South Africa in 1962 and spent boarding school vacations in rural KwaZulu Natal in a hunting and outdoors environment. He schooled at Kearsney College in Natal and went on to complete a B.A degree at the University of Natal.

After university he worked for a year as a student ranger for the Natal Parks Board and then on a game ranch. Craig then went back to University to obtain a Higher Diploma of Education and later an Honours degree specializing in Environmental Education.

After some years working on Conservation Education Projects in Northern KwaZulu Natal, Craig moved to Zambia where he spent over ten years in Luangwa Valley. In Zambia, Craig worked as a professional guide and professional hunter under the guidance of the well known conservationist Norman Carr and his son Adrian Carr. Later, he became a partner in the highly regarded company, Norman Carr Safaris.

During this time he was instrumental in setting up and running a successful anti poaching unit that assisted the National Park authorities and was rewarded with Honorary Rangers status for his efforts. This anti poaching unit has since grown into a large externally funded programme and is often used as an example of what can be achieved with dedication. Craig was also an examiner on the Safari Guides Licensing program which started in the Luangwa Valley and was such a success that it was adopted for the whole country.

Craig moved to Tanzania with his family in 2001 to work for one of the most prestigious safari companies in Africa, Ker and Downey Tanzania. This company included under its umbrella another highly regarded company Tanzania Game Tracker Safaris. During this time Craig continued to guide many successful safaris to the highest standard on the continent.

He was also manager of The Friedkin Conservation Fund, a non-government organization associated with Ker and Downey and TGT. The fund makes use of income generated by both photographic and hunting safaris to outfit and operate fourteen anti poaching teams in Game Reserves; and to work with the communities that surround these Game Reserves.

In addition to his general Natural History experience, Craig specializes in the study of snakes and has written two reference books on the subject. The second book has become the definitive guide to the snakes of Zambia. In Tanzania he has been active in collecting DNA samples of snakes for research taking place at Bangor and Oxford Universities. He has also authored several journal and magazine articles on education and conservation; hunting; and the outdoors.

Craig has, over the years, guided a number of specialist safaris such as a film crew for Discovery Channel, a National Geographic team, a photographic modeling shoot, university alumni groups, zoo directors groups and a well known wildlife artist. Craig currently sits on the Executive Committee of the Tanzanian Professional Hunters Association and is a member of Professional Safari Guides East Africa, The Tanzanian Professional Hunters Association, African Professional Hunters Association and the Game Rangers Association of Africa.


Dominyk Lever, Safari GuideDominyk Lever has been passionate about photography for over 25 years.  In that time has worked extensively on six continents and over 70 countries. He now calls Tanzania home and from his base in Arusha he is able to indulge in his love of wildlife and people photography. Every year Dominyk conducts numerous photographic safaris with clients into Tanzania’s world class wilderness areas as well as more remote destinations such as Ethiopia, India and Ecuador.

Born in Zambia but raised and educated in Australia, Dominyk developed a keen interest in nature study at a young age. He started taking photos on regular trips to Africa, Asia and South America using equipment handed down from his father.

On completion of an undergraduate degree in Science at the University of Sydney in 1996, Dominyk left Australia and returned to his country of birth to pursue a career as a professional safari guide and photographer in Zambia’s premier wilderness area – South Luangwa National Park.

In 2001, he returned to Sydney to undertake a Masters Degree in Environmental Science. To fund his studies, Dominyk worked as a freelance photojournalist, taking out the coveted Yellowglen Australian Young Photographer award that same year. Dominyk was once again drawn back to Africa in early 2003, this time to Tanzania to work as a community development coordinator for the Friedkin Conservation Fund and a as a safari guide for partner company Ker & Downey.

May 2006 saw Dominyk open Zoom Photo Gallery in Arusha – Tanzania’s first, and to this day, only photo gallery. From here, he continues to produce original, limited edition photos, collages and panoramas from images that he has taken on numerous safaris that he organized and guided throughout Tanzania, Africa and the world.


Paul Olivier, Safari GuidePaul was born in South Africa in 1982 and was raised in a family that was passionate about wildlife and as such was introduced to the African bush at a very early age. His father and grandfather were wildlife enthusiasts and spent their holidays fishing and taking safaris into the remote parts of South Africa and Namibia.

Paul decided to make wildlife and nature conservation his career and went on to study a course in Nature Conservation at the Pretoria Technikon in South Africa, fulfilling his yearlong practical course component by working on a Crocodile farm in Cahora Bassa , Mozambique and guiding safaris in the remote Niassa Province of Northern Mozambique. After graduating with a Diploma in Nature Conservation in 2003 he worked as a freelance professional hunter and guide in South Africa but yearned for the freedom, adventure and vastness of the East African bush.

In 2005 he joined Tanzania Game Tracker Safaris as a Protected Areas Manager and Anti-Poaching coordinator in the Moyowosi Game Reserve in Western Tanzania. Paul then became a full-time Professional hunter and Guide with Ker & Downey Safaris (TZ) and Tanzania Game Tracker Safaris in 2008.

Paul still guides safaris in Tanzania exclusively for Ker & Downey Safaris (TZ) and Tanzania Game Tracker Safaris and is a member of both the Tanzania Professional Hunters Association and African Professional Hunters Association.