Sample itineraries for your Tanzanian safari

Please click below to view two possible itineraries for your personalised African safari – the variables are of course endless:

Mt Gelai


Planning a safari can be a little confusing so the following ideas will help. By now you are already planning on using Tanzania as your destination. You have probably made this decision because Tanzania is the most diverse safari destination on the continent. The Serengeti plains, the Ngorongoro Crater and Mt Kilimanjaro are all in Tanzania, but these are just scratching the surface of this magnificent country.

A standard Northern circuit Tanzania safari might take you to Lake Manyara national park, Ngorongoro Crater, and Serengeti National Park in a minibus with six other people. These are fantastic destinations but ones which can be turned into something even more wonderful and totally personalized. Your very own luxury tented camp provided by Ker & Downey (Tz) can be set up in any number of different areas and combined with the finest permanent lodges in East Africa .

Time of year is also often important. If you come late in the dry season, you could extend to take in Tarangire National Park and enjoy the sight of a fantastically high concentration of elephants at that time. Why not have your own private luxury tented camp nearest to where the wildebeest and zebra migration is as it crosses the Serengeti plains. What about a visit down into the Olduvai gorge to stand on the very site where the Leakeys made their remarkable early hominid discoveries. What about staying in what is arguably the best lodge in Africa perched on the very edge of the Ngorongoro crater rim. Perhaps a couple of days to get really off the beaten track and go into the magical Gol mountains or hike up the active volcano Oldonyo Lengai where other tourists simply don’t go.