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Affordable Luxury this Peak Season – Lusaka to Livingstone


Spoil yourself by visiting three of Zambia’s most sought after destinations on a 9 night/10 day Safari, staying in some of the top properties in these areas, but for a very affordable price. This special is valid from 15th June – 31st October 2014 only. The trip is ten days and nine nights and the […]

Just back from fantastic safari in Maswa Game Reserve and Southern Serengeti

Lioness, Ndutu Woodland

Just back from a fantastic safari in Maswa Game Reserve and Southern Serengeti. Rains – late for the short rains, or early for the long rains – had turned Maswa into an emerald green park-like landscape. And of course this pulled in tons of wildebeest. So what a rare privilege to be able to walk […]

2013 Safari Photos

Below are a few images from the 2013 Safari Season. Once again I tried to spend time picking out the best wildlife shots, but in the end, well, it just becomes too much! I find myself spending ages with two almost identical photos saying ‘this one is better’; ‘no this’; ‘no that’. In the end […]

2013 News


WOOOSHHHH …. that’s the sound a safari year makes as it disappears into the past. it was a good year mind, a good year of new and old friends on safari. ‘Safari’ – even after all these years that word still conjurs up such strong feelings of nostalgia, history, excitement, new exciting encounters and wonderful […]

2012 Wildlife Photos

Natron Giraffe

It is a little difficult to choose from well over a thousand photographs from a whole year’s safaris, and then with the slow internet speeds it takes an entire evening to upload the fifty or so images that have been chosen! But here are some images from our safaris in 2012. I always find it very […]

2012 Safari People — Finally!


Once again — it happened — life just took over and the idea of writing a blog was shoved further and further into the foggy recesses. I could swear that it’s now almost time for the new safari season to start. Last year was possibly the busiest I’ve had, with nine safaris. Now that may not sound […]

Zanzibar off-season

An Evening in Stonetwon

It has been a while. So long in fact that Ive forgotten how to work this blog writing thing.  So its taking a lot longer than necessary. It is the off-season so safaris now are few and far between. We have been on Zanzibar island building our new house. This, of course, involves frequent trips […]

What are the camps like?

The Chilling Tent - Mobile Camp

When Im selling safaris, its often difficult to explain what the camps and the tents are like. Well, its easy for those who have already been on one, or two, or three safaris … but for new people, not so easy. So here are a few photos of the Ker and Downey Tanzania camps just for you […]

Crocodile Documentary in February 2011

Crocodile Documentary 028

In February I was lucky to be asked to play the role of Crocodile expert in a documentary produced for Japanese National Television. We did our filming along the Grumeti River in the Serengeti   This of course meant kilograms of paperwork need to be obtained: film permits; offroad driving permits; walking permits etc etc. But it […]

2011 and Finally into the 21st Century

Elephant near camp - Mwiba

Okay so it took a while. The first step was to get a website and that was a big step. Then it took several years to get used to that. And now, Craig Doria Safaris has a blog; and a Facebook page; and a Twitter page (although I havent even visited the latter yet). Its all […]