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As the years go by I notice many changes in the safari business…and it has been many years! Some of the changes are good and some…not so much. Wifi is an interesting one. A lot of the safari camps and lodges now have Wifi and it has amazed me how quickly we ALL come to […]


It’s that time of year…but more so! It seems that this year is drier in some places than the previous few years. We’ve just spent a few days in Natron and found a couple of dead Zebra. The grass is in short supply and the water is far away. Yesterday we saw the first of the […]

A Wildlife Artist in Tanzania – Louise Hill

Over the last couple of years I have been asking friends and colleagues to contribute to the blog pages, with the constant theme of Africa and the Environment – every now and then one even agrees! With this in mind, I approached my friend, Louise Hill to join us since she is a well-known East […]


About a week ago, I found myself with a ten-day break in safaris and a small amount of work to be done in Cape Town, South Africa. It doesn’t take much persuading to get anyone down to Cape Town which always seems to have been Africa’s most beautiful and cosmopolitan city; so the ticket was […]

Romance, Jungles & Adventure on the Malagarasi River

Recently we received this awesome blog from PAUL OLIVIER who is having a great time on the Malagarisi River… One of the best perks of being a guide is the ability to get out into the wilderness and scout for unique and exciting safari locations – I have been extremely fortunate to spend the last […]


Sometimes we struggle to keep things in perspective. The only reason I am posting anything on this topic is because people are asking. Usually I find it best to avoid social media hysteria. If the people who killed a lion called Cecil are found by the legal system to have broken the law, then they should […]

8 Night “Classic Zambia – the Home of Leopards” – Lusaka to Lusaka

We have just been given a great special offer for Zambia for late bookings between now and 31 October this year! See below. So, if anyone is feeling restless and in need of a last-minute safari, just send an email. Prices will be quoted on request. 8 nights at two of Zambia’s most well-known safari companies at […]

Safari Season Update

A quick word before the season kicks off.  It seems that the worry from the Ebola outbreak in West Africa is now over and people have started planning and booking safaris again. As a result, the first part of this year is well booked up. I still, however, have space in October, November and the […]

Hirola and the Ishaqbini Hirola Community Conservancy

This is a ‘ guest’ blog by good friend, safari connoisseur, and conservationist Ken Coe… What’s a hirola?  Even amongst seasoned guides and safaristas, the name does not ring many bells.  Pity, because hirola is an attractive, mid-sized antelope on the verge of extinction, occupying a fragile, sometimes politically unstable landscape in eastern Kenya close […]

A Maswa Walk

Recently I was contacted by a friend and long time safari companion. He was asking where we could do a good long walk in proper big game country; somewhere that we could see buffalo regularly. A real traditional safari like in days gone by. I wrote a few emails to various colleagues and friends in […]