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The Mish Mash Migration Year

A sunset horizon full of Wildebeest.

This short rains followed by long rains thing confuses me in East Africa. For years we’ve had bad rains in November / December and all the old timers shake their heads and mumble “mmmm another year of bad short rains.” But this year, for a change, it rained well and hard through into the early […]

Mkomazi – Another Gem off the Beaten Track

Northern Carmine Bee Eater

It might have been the ‘perfect storm’ in terms of weather, rainfall, grazing and the like, but my first visit to the relatively newly created Mkomazi National Park was wonderful. The scenery was dramatic and spectacular and the wildlife seems, from reports, to be on the increase. We saw two lionesses with three cubs which […]

A Road Less Travelled

Well all safaris should be ‘the road less travelled’ – that should be part of the definition of what a safari is! Sometimes, however, one just stumbles onto something that is so different that you feel like you’ve stepped onto another planet. Two friends from Arusha who have the well established Kilimanjaro Climbing operation called […]

The stArt Foundation

Litter used to create the life-size Elephant

I have just spent a few days with an old friend of 25 years from Zambia and discovered a really interesting project that she has become involved with. Pam Carr is a well-known safari personality in Zambia as well as being one of the countries leading artists and art-related academics. In 2011 another friend, Claire […]

Last Days…Video to end Ivory-funded Terrorism


Is it the same for everyone now when they hear a sentence with the word ‘ivory’ in it? Does everyone get that feeling? The slightly panicked feeling that we are at the end of yet another year and still the numbers of poached elephants grows. I suspect not everyone feels exactly the same when they hear […]

Dr Ian Player passes away, leaving a legacy for us to continue

Dr. Ian player

It is with sad regret that we have received reports on the death of South African (and international) conservation legend Dr Ian Player. Dr Player who was 87-years-old suffered a serious stroke last Thursday and passed away peacefully at his home in Karkloof, Kwa Zulu Natal today, surrounded by his wife Anne and close family. […]

The Rhino Crisis: Hope and Despair from SANparks


It is with both hope and despair that we read the latest South African National Parks (SANParks) Press Release on Rhino Poaching in South Africa, and we know that the situation is no less bleak in other African countries. It’s never nice to be the prophet of doom, but really – hasn’t the time come […]

Ultimate East Africa Safari: Tanzania & Ethiopia, January 2015 Detailed Itinerary

Maasai, Northern Tanzania

Day 1 – Friday, January 9th: Arusha You will arrive at Kilimanjaro in the morning or evening depending on where you are arriving from. I will be waiting at arrivals to collect you and accompany you on the 45-minute drive to Ngaresero Lodge which is located on the outskirts of Arusha. The lodge was originally […]

Paul Olivier – The Cocktail Safari June 2014

Wildebeest of the Serengeti

The 2014 safari season started off with the Vanatta/Bensler group from Colorado, great friends and travelling companions; together on their first African safari. The first few days were spent game viewing in and around Tarangire National Park. All the outlying waterholes and springs were starting to dry up and the Tarangire River was attracting game […]


African Safari

… And the end of the busy season always comes with mixed feelings: Phew, chill time vs I’m going to miss the safari life after just a week! It was a wonderful season again starting way back in February which, for some reason, always feels like it was last year. The two February safaris fulfilled […]